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HRMS HR Management Software

HR manager software

Our Human Resource Management System (HRMS) software is designed for small and medium sized businesses. This powerful and easy to use HRMS software allows your HR team to start working more efficiently on utilizing their time and resources. It offers you wide range solutions that your human resource data management needs.You can access this software from your tablet or smartphone anywhere anytime.

This human resource management system (HRMS) software features HR employee data management, applicant data management, job data management, employee training data management and more...

HR Management Software

As we all know, Microsoft Access is the most widely used desktop database system in the world. Microsoft Access is part of Microsoft Office so there is a common interface and a lot of developers and support options available. It pretty much covers all the functionalities that small businesses need. It is significantly less expensive than SQL Server or Oracle. For small businesses, this is the fastest and least expensive database solution you can get to accomplish your goals.

HR Management Software

This human resource management software is a real OPEN SOURCE software package including all MS Access source codes and can be fully customizable through MS Access. We understand every business has their own special needs, and our human resource management software is very flexible with full human resource management functions that are easy to use and suitable for small buisnesses of all kind. With a very small cost we give you the full Access database and source codes. If you know how to use Access, you know how to use this human resource management software (HRMS) and potentially expand the functionalities to fit your future business needs as your business grows.

This HR management software can also be expanded to multi user license (HR manager license and Employee license). We can support up to 5 users on your company network (we provide HR manager and regular employees two different data access levels) without any additional database server software or the latest Windows Server software. It fits nicely to a small but growing business operation.

Easy intallation on your computer, quick setup and NO training required, NO repeat charges, NO annual license fees. You own the "freehold", completely open source - no restrictions

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